Money in the French Revolution

I will admit, military history is not an interest or a forte but as we’ve been working on digitizing Journal Militaire for a graduate student at The Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, I have been reviewing the images prior to making them available in the digital library. Journal Militaire was an official FrenchContinue reading “Money in the French Revolution”

Celebrating Jane Yolen

May is Jewish Heritage Month and to celebrate, I wanted to also find a woman author on our shelves to highlight on the blog. I was excited, and a little embarrassed I didn’t already know, to find that Jane Yolen is a Jewish American author for whom we hold copies of primarily her children’s booksContinue reading “Celebrating Jane Yolen”

“It’s all online, right?”: Myths of the Digital and the Archives

Among the many myths of the archives, the ones around digitization and digital libraries are perhaps the ones that can frustrate me the most. But then, I am a digital archivist so that will not surprise you. However, ever since archives started to digitize their materials and share them online, we’ve been battling these mythsContinue reading ““It’s all online, right?”: Myths of the Digital and the Archives”

Armchair Traveling in the Digital Library

We’ve all been stuck pretty close to home for over a year now and, I don’t know about you, but I am missing the fun and excitement of traveling. I find myself planning trips and adding more and more days onto a European vacation that has been postponed for two years now. A recent newContinue reading “Armchair Traveling in the Digital Library”

State of the FSU Digital Library

Every year, about this time of year, I give an update on all the things that happened with the digital library last year. As you can imagine, the FSU Digital Library in DigiNole: FSU’s Digital Repository experienced some changes in how we do business last year. There were stretches of time where we weren’t addingContinue reading “State of the FSU Digital Library”

Change is coming to the digital library!

Happy New Year! A bit late but this is my first post of the year and it is to share happy news. Later this year, FSU Libraries will be migrating our digital library to a new platform. This spring will be a lot of work in getting the new platform up and running, migrating allContinue reading “Change is coming to the digital library!”

Want to add your pandemic story to the Archives?

Heritage & University Archives is still collecting materials for its campus-wide project encouraging FSU students, staff, and faculty to document their personal experiences during the coronavirus outbreak and contribute them to the University Archives.

“Venison” Pasty Adventure

This past weekend I went on my Rare Books Bake Off adventure and it was an adventure, believe you me. While my end product was yummy and made my apartment smell like the best of local British pubs, it wasn’t much of a looker and it was a journey to get it made. Here areContinue reading ““Venison” Pasty Adventure”

World Digital Preservation Day

The first Tuesday of every November is World Digital Preservation Day: a day when all digital archivists and preservationists get to toot our horn a bit and celebrate the work of ourselves and our colleagues over the last year. It’s also a day where digital preservation practitioners talk about what everyone could be doing toContinue reading “World Digital Preservation Day”

Sun City

Recently, we digitized the Sun City Development and Motion Picture Studio Plat Map Sheets for use in a class which led me to look into…what are these exactly? I uncovered a fascinating story of the brother of Cleveland railroad barons and a Georgia inventor who, a decade apart, tried to bring Hollywood to Florida. DuringContinue reading “Sun City”