Protecting digital material: Strategies for digital preservation

In the first post in this digital preservation series, I shared some of the unique challenges digital material brings to the preservation game. In this one we will look at some of the technologies and tools digital stewards employ to protect our digital assets. How can you tell when a computer file has been corrupted?Continue reading “Protecting digital material: Strategies for digital preservation”

Digital Preservation: New Material, New Challenges

In this digital world we are increasingly creating, storing, and publishing material entirely in electronic forms. While this is great for the trees and other resources used in making paper, it introduces new challenges in the process of collecting and preserving materials. The preservation needs of paper are pretty well understood. Guidelines for ideal environments (heatContinue reading “Digital Preservation: New Material, New Challenges”

Dealing with the Oddities of Born Digital

From Timothy Kanke who completed a year-long internship with Special Collections this spring: The Florida State University Science Education Curriculum Development Collection documents the creation and development of science teaching materials produced by the science education program at Florida State University from the 1960s to the 2000s. A portion of the collection is composed of many differentContinue reading “Dealing with the Oddities of Born Digital”