Digital Housekeeping for Archives Month

As part of our celebration here for American Archives Month, I thought a few tips on how you can be the best archivist of your own digital archives might be helpful. We all create documents, photographs, and other digital content every day at an ever increasing rate. This is our personal archives and while weContinue reading “Digital Housekeeping for Archives Month”

World Digital Preservation Day

The first Tuesday of every November is World Digital Preservation Day: a day when all digital archivists and preservationists get to toot our horn a bit and celebrate the work of ourselves and our colleagues over the last year. It’s also a day where digital preservation practitioners talk about what everyone could be doing toContinue reading “World Digital Preservation Day”

State of the Digital Library

In 2019, we added 11 new collections to the digital library. We also added 1,414 new books (over 71,000 pages). 6,759 images, 1,028 newspaper issues and 3,707 PDF files. All added up with all the other types of files we loaded, we added 13,760 new items in the digital library in 2019! Now, the moreContinue reading “State of the Digital Library”

You’re a What? Digital Archivist Edition

Archives Month is when we shout from the rooftops about archives; what are they, what do they have and why you should care. Here at FSU Special Collections & Archives, we participate in #AskAnArchivist day and put together other activities as we are able each year. However, we deal with the most obvious question peopleContinue reading “You’re a What? Digital Archivist Edition”

Protecting digital material: Strategies for digital preservation

In the first post in this digital preservation series, I shared some of the unique challenges digital material brings to the preservation game. In this one we will look at some of the technologies and tools digital stewards employ to protect our digital assets. How can you tell when a computer file has been corrupted?Continue reading “Protecting digital material: Strategies for digital preservation”

The Days of Our Lives: FSU Archives Edition

What do archivists do all day, anyway?  Look at old photos?  Dust yearbooks? Take papers from one file folder and put them in another? Those are all true to some extent, but university archivists play more roles in their community than one might think.  Take a look at some of the extraordinary events during anContinue reading “The Days of Our Lives: FSU Archives Edition”

Digital Library Center 101

Greetings from the Digital Library Center! Want to get a head start on your upcoming research papers? Looking to learn more about the history of the university and life on campus? Maybe you just want to view some of Special Collections and Archives‘ notable rare books and historical collections from the comfort of your own room.Continue reading “Digital Library Center 101”

Our new Digital Library is Live!

FSU Libraries announce the launch of the new Florida State University Digital Library. The FSU Digital Library provides online access to Florida State University’s rich and unique historical collections of photos, pamphlets, maps, manuscripts, and rare books. Currently, the FSUDL highlights collections from Special Collections & Archives, Heritage Protocol, and the Claude Pepper Library, includingContinue reading “Our new Digital Library is Live!”

Challenges to a new Digital Archivist

I’m Krystal Thomas, digital archivist with Special Collections at Florida State University. I am new in my position, just starting this past summer. I am not new to the world of digital collections, but as I have learned quickly in my new position, each institution has its own processes and procedures for handling its digitalContinue reading “Challenges to a new Digital Archivist”