The Humanity in a Hollinger

One Intern’s Experience with Connection in a Collection As a recently graduated alum of Florida State University, I spent my last semester as a senior interning for Special Collections and Archives at FSU in collaboration with the John G. Riley House Center and Museum, and Tallahassee Community College. This position posed the opportunity for invaluableContinue reading “The Humanity in a Hollinger”

Guide on How to Visit Special Collections

Have you ever visited FSU Special Collections & Archives? Not sure where to start?  Well here’s your Guide on How to Visit Special Collections! Although the process does require some planning ahead, it’s quick and easy. First you need to find an item you want to explore. You can get more information about how toContinue reading “Guide on How to Visit Special Collections”

Oral histories: Transcending physicality

Cultural heritage is not limited to the physical. It includes living traditions or expressions inherited from ancestors and transmitted to descendants, and concerns practices related to nature and the universe, knowledge, and techniques that transcend physicality. Working in archives, I love my papers and trinkets, and the mysterious photographs and calligraphy I have to decipher.Continue reading “Oral histories: Transcending physicality”

On This Day: December 12th, 1765

Among the 17th-20th Century Correspondence and Documents Collection at FSU’s Special Collections and Archives, there is a letter from Charles Lyttelton dated December 12th, but as the title of the collection would suggest, it was not written in 2022. This 18th century letter was written on December 12, 1765, and discusses newly uncovered tree fossils.Continue reading “On This Day: December 12th, 1765”

The Great Immersive Bake Off!

Hello there! My name is Amanda Brito, and I am the Immersive Scholarship graduate assistant in the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship. I am currently a second year MA student in Art History with a concentration in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies. My research focuses on Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean visual culture withContinue reading “The Great Immersive Bake Off!”

Great Grandma’s Banana Bread

This post was written by Caroline Haight, an intern at Special Collections and Archives, for their Great Rare Books Bake Off blog series. For my contribution to the Great Rare Books Bake Off blog series, I have decided to make my great grandmother’s banana bread recipe. This recipe is one that I’ve watched my grandmotherContinue reading “Great Grandma’s Banana Bread”

Newest Graduate Assistant in SCA

Hi there! My name is Alice Fabela (she/her/hers) and I am the newest Graduate Assistant in FSU’s Special Collections & Archives. I was born in Houston, Texas, but grew up in Cape Coral, Florida. As a kid, I was always traveling with my family and it quickly led to me being interested in history. WhenContinue reading “Newest Graduate Assistant in SCA”

Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Spend 100 Years at FSU

The present year of 2022 marks a full century since the acquisition of Special Collections and Archives’ oldest inanimate residents, the cuneiform tablets. Purchased by faculty in 1922, these twenty-five tablets were bought from Edgar J. Banks back when the school was still referred to as the Florida State College for Women. Although they currentlyContinue reading “Ancient Cuneiform Tablets Spend 100 Years at FSU”

Flexibility of Japanese in Books

Hello, all! My name is Terryon Larkins and I have been working at the Special Collections & Archives since the fall of 2018. Initially, I was a Federal Work Study employee but not too long after I became a part-time worker. Although I have been working here for a number of years, I do thinkContinue reading “Flexibility of Japanese in Books”

Introductions: Anna Zak

Hi, everyone! I’m Anna Zak and I am an OPS worker for the Digital Library Collection here at the FSU Special Collections and Archives, focusing on the Heritage and University Archives. I am a third-year student at FSU, double majoring in English Editing, Writing, and Media and History. I’ve been working here since November 2020Continue reading “Introductions: Anna Zak”