Oral histories: Transcending physicality

Cultural heritage is not limited to the physical. It includes living traditions or expressions inherited from ancestors and transmitted to descendants, and concerns practices related to nature and the universe, knowledge, and techniques that transcend physicality. Working in archives, I love my papers and trinkets, and the mysterious photographs and calligraphy I have to decipher.Continue reading “Oral histories: Transcending physicality”

Their Stories: Why Oral History Matters.

LGBTQ+ history has traditionally been passed down orally. Through stories, shared experiences, and even gossip, queer people have kept alive their art, colloquialisms, and their truth. Oral history is a huge component to understanding the queer experience (as for other cultures). However, it is a more modern development for institutions to note the value ofContinue reading “Their Stories: Why Oral History Matters.”

Reichelt Oral History Collection

Enjoy this guest post by Special Collections Oral History Graduate Assistant Adam Hunt: The Reichelt Oral History Collection in FSU Special Collections and Archives is a rich and unique collection of over 2,100 oral history interviews and transcripts created throughout 1969-2014. The Reichelt Oral History Program was created under Dr. Edward F. Keuchel and UniversityContinue reading “Reichelt Oral History Collection”