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Pest Management in an Archive

What is it, and why do we need it? As we begin making bigger and better changes for the archive, one major adjustment currently being worked on is the creation of a standardized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy. IPM is a program put in place in order to effectively protect archives from damaging insects. ForContinue reading “Pest Management in an Archive”

American Archives Month 2021

October is American Archives Month and institutions around the United States are gearing up to share their work throughout the month. The goal of the month is to raise public awareness about what archives are, what purpose they serve, and why they are important. Fun Facts about the FSU Archives FSU Special Collections & ArchivesContinue reading “American Archives Month 2021”

About Illuminations

Illuminations is a blog devoted to shedding light on the ongoing research, preservation, and outreach activities involving the unique materials held by the Special Collections & Archives Division (SCA) of the Florida State University Libraries. This blog highlights how FSU SCA supports active learning and engagement, as well as provides a behind the scenes peek into the day to day activities of our librarians and archivists. Posts are written from different perspectives, both student and professional, and provide insights into our collections and the work necessary to make them accessible to all, both in the present and for decades to come.

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