The Humanity in a Hollinger

One Intern’s Experience with Connection in a Collection As a recently graduated alum of Florida State University, I spent my last semester as a senior interning for Special Collections and Archives at FSU in collaboration with the John G. Riley House Center and Museum, and Tallahassee Community College. This position posed the opportunity for invaluableContinue reading “The Humanity in a Hollinger”

Society of Florida Archivists 2023 Annual Meeting in Tallahassee

Last week, the Society of Florida Archivists 2023 Annual Meeting took place in Tallahassee. Several FSU Special Collections & Archives staff gave presentations on their work. Krystal Thomas, Torrio Osbourne, Hope Evans, Caroline Haight, Neissa Philemon, and Laura Parcés discussed their work of digitizing the John G. Riley archives. Rob Rubero, Rory Grennan, and MichaelaContinue reading “Society of Florida Archivists 2023 Annual Meeting in Tallahassee”

Me and Dr. Jones: Glimpses of the Past

The William R. Jones Papers have been a hot ticket as far as projects go here at Special Collections & Archives. Under the guiding hand of our Director of Manuscripts Collections, a handful of us have been sorting away at the documents from a wide variety of dated technology. My colleague Michaela has written aboutContinue reading “Me and Dr. Jones: Glimpses of the Past”

Oral histories: Transcending physicality

Cultural heritage is not limited to the physical. It includes living traditions or expressions inherited from ancestors and transmitted to descendants, and concerns practices related to nature and the universe, knowledge, and techniques that transcend physicality. Working in archives, I love my papers and trinkets, and the mysterious photographs and calligraphy I have to decipher.Continue reading “Oral histories: Transcending physicality”

Snapshot of a Dynamic Life

Below is a brief letter from M. H. Boulware to Thelma Gorham. Boulware exchanged several letters with Gorham asking for her help in finding a wide variety of materials to write articles on. He was smart to write to someone as well connected as Gorham. Gorham was a lifelong journalist with a wide range ofContinue reading “Snapshot of a Dynamic Life”

New Digital Collection – Ulysses B. Roach Diaries

The Digital Library Center has recently digitized a set of diaries and farm accounts from Ulysses B. Roach, a farmer and plantation owner in Jefferson County, Florida. The diaries give us a detailed glimpse into the day-to-day life of Roach, who meticulously documented the weather and the quality of his crops. Ulysses B. Roach wroteContinue reading “New Digital Collection – Ulysses B. Roach Diaries”

Cassettes Galore with the William R. Jones Papers

This Spring Break was probably one of the more relaxed ones I’ve had while working here in Special Collections. While everyone was off campus, I had the pleasure of working in solitude with the William R. Jones Papers, a collection that has me handling more cassettes at once than I ever have in my life.Continue reading “Cassettes Galore with the William R. Jones Papers”

On this day in Claude Pepper History: January 18, 1983

From his early days in the United States Senate, Claude Pepper continually advocated for the expansion of Social Security accommodations for all older Americans. The Claude Pepper Papers trace this advocacy from the Senate, to the U.S. House of Representatives, where in 1983 he was appointed to the National Commission on Social Security Reform. InformallyContinue reading “On this day in Claude Pepper History: January 18, 1983”

Spring 2023 Service Update

During Winter Break, Strozier Library’s basement and sub-basement experienced water damage due to an air handler coil freezing. Due to this, our services here at Special Collections & Archives will be altered for the Spring 2023 semester. Thankfully, we did not lose any collections or sustain significant collections damage in the flood. Damage to flooring,Continue reading “Spring 2023 Service Update”

Windsor Milk Soup

I’ve always wanted to take part in the Great Rare Books Bake Off and this year I seized my chance just in time for my favorite time of year: Soup Season. I knew I wanted a comfy soup that I could (hopefully) enjoy for a few nights while it’s been rainy and cold here inContinue reading “Windsor Milk Soup”