MythBusters Month Wrap-Up

Throughout the month of April we shared some of the most commonly held misconceptions and myths about Special Collections & Archives, and then proceeded to debunk them. Here is a roundup of all our mythbusting posts in case you missed one.

Welcome to Special Collections & Archives MythBusters Month! by Rachel Duke

Rachel showed us that everyone is special enough to visit Special Collections & Archives.

“It’s all online, right?”: Myths of the Digital and the Archives by Krystal Thomas

Krystal debunks myths surrounding digitization of materials.

Is it Lost in the Archives?: Discovery Myths and Archival Labor by Adam Hunt

Adam shows us that you can’t discover things that were never lost in the first place.

Movie Myths: Busted! by Dianna Bradley

Dianna proves that just because you saw it in a movie doesn’t mean it’s true.

Do we just collect “Old Stuff”? Appraisal in Special Collections & Archives by Rachel Duke

Rachel guides us through the process of how items are deemed appropriate for the collection.

Myths Busted in My First Archives Job by Lisa Play

Lisa discusses myths she realized were false during her time working in Special Collections & Archives.

University History and Mythology by Sandra Varry

Sandra debunks the myths surrounding the origins and founding of FSU.

Everything but paper: what else does SCA collect? by Hannah Wiatt Davis

Hannah shares details about all of the different types of materials within our collections…SPOILER: it’s not just paper.

Thanks for joining us on our mythbusting adventures, and remember Special Collections & Archives is NOT the “Restricted Section”. Come visit us! (Just check our services page for updates and availability.)

Published by Kristin Hagaman

Research Services Associate, Special Collections & Archives, Florida State University Libraries

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