Pest Management in an Archive

What is it, and why do we need it? As we begin making bigger and better changes for the archive, one major adjustment currently being worked on is the creation of a standardized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policy. IPM is a program put in place in order to effectively protect archives from damaging insects. ForContinue reading “Pest Management in an Archive”

The Elmo TT-12F Document Camera and Special Collections Instruction

While the buzz of a classroom filled with excited discussion was somewhat lost in the move to a virtual space, this technology allowed us to share as much of the tactile experience of archives work as we could. 

New Ways of Exploring the Blog

In January 2021 the Illuminations blog unveiled our redesign. The purpose of this renovation was twofold: overhauling the look of the blog while making our 500+ posts easier to find and navigate. It’s hard to miss the new images from our collections in the center of the home page. These images link to posts relatedContinue reading “New Ways of Exploring the Blog”

MythBusters Month Wrap-Up

Throughout the month of April we shared some of the most commonly held misconceptions and myths about Special Collections & Archives, and then proceeded to debunk them. Here is a roundup of all our mythbusting posts in case you missed one. Welcome to Special Collections & Archives MythBusters Month! by Rachel Duke Rachel showed usContinue reading “MythBusters Month Wrap-Up”

Everything but paper: what else does SCA collect?

A lot has been written about our rare books and manuscripts collections on this blog, but did you know SCA also collects all kinds of objects, art, and recording formats? Take a look to learn more about our non-paper collections.

Do we just collect “Old Stuff”? Appraisal in Special Collections & Archives

While monetary value and current demand for a book are part of the criteria I review in assessing its appropriateness for FSU’s Rare Book Collections, it is just one facet in a web of related values that are considered. 

Archival Spring Cleaning

Winter has finally passed and while you revel in the return of green things, you might also think about doing some Spring cleaning. Brushing out the cobwebs of a neglected basement or attic, you find some ancient treasures, boxed up and passed down over the generations. As you page through fragile letters and photographs fromContinue reading “Archival Spring Cleaning”

Archival Profile: The Life and Times of a Preservation Librarian

Ever wonder what a preservation librarian does? Sit down with our own Preservation Librarian extraordinaire, Hannah Davis, to learn more.