Everything but paper: what else does SCA collect?

A lot has been written about our rare books and manuscripts collections on this blog, but did you know SCA also collects all kinds of objects, art, and recording formats? Take a look below to learn more about our non-paper collections.

Film, video, and audio

One of the most prevalent documentary formats in the collections is audiovisual. AV holdings at SCA span various types of formats, from 8mm and 16mm film, Betacam, VHS, and U-matic videocassettes, grooved media, and open reel audio recordings. Curious parties can view and listen to portions of the collection that have been digitized on DigiNole: HUA Audiovisual Materials, Means Family Films, and the Claude Pepper Papers Audio Recordings.

Various types of audiovisual media on display at the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage Pop-up Exhibit, 2019

Heritage and University Archives sports many holdings of textiles: uniforms, letterman jackets and sweaters, costumes, commemorative t-shirts, quilts, and even maps hand-drawn on fabric.


Some of my personal favorite items in the collections come in the form of jewelry. At the Claude Pepper Library, holdings include watches, cufflinks, and costume jewelry that belonged to Claude Pepper and his wife, Mildred Pepper. HUA has acquired several class rings over the years, belonging to FSCW and FSU students from the 20th century. And of course, there is everyone’s favorite collection: the ACC Championship Rings.

An assortment of class rings from FSCW and FSU in their new preservation housing.
The Jackalope

One of the more eccentric items at the Claude Pepper Library is the Jackalope, a taxidermy jack rabbit with antlers affixed to its head. Claude Pepper acquired the Jackalope in the late 1950s or early 1960s, and it now graces the walls of the Claude Pepper Library stacks.

All Hail Jackalope

Published by Hannah Wiatt Davis

Hannah Wiatt Davis is the Preservation Librarian at FSU Special Collections & Archives.

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