Holiday Display

Celebrating the Holidays with an
Exhibit from Special Collections and Archives

signHaving a winter-theme display in the Reading Room has become something for the FSU students to browse when they want to take a break from studying for finals. With this year’s theme, I immediately started brainstorming and knew I wanted to use cookbooks. The holidays are times of festive cooking, baking, and preparing special recipes for scrumptious meals

recipeThe three cookbooks I selected are from our “delicious” Florida collection. I wanted to make sure each book not only had detailed recipes, but also pictures or illustrations to bolster one’s appetite.

If anyone has been to Ybor City, the Columbia Restaurant is a Florida landmark. What could be tastier than Florida Citrus snowflake cookies with Florida Orange Juice? Who says it never snows in Florida? And the Florida Panhandle cookbook Four Seasons has the best Red Velvet Cake and eggnog recipes, which are holiday favorites.

kids1I knew many good choices for holiday images would be in our John Shaw collection, which contains an extensive assortment of poetry and children’s books. Of these I selected the classic The Night Before Christmas but with a slight twist representing our furry friends – dogs & cats – and, of course, the people who are  part of children’s lives everywhere – teachers!

There were some rare books that I picked out simply because they had festive artwork on the covers or unique illustrations. King Winter is a picturesque book cut in the form of “Jack Frost.”  One of the book covers that I especially enjoyed was Christmas Garland, a wonderful book containing several holiday essays, done in a royal blue with the title and a wreath of hollies in a gold typeset. Two beautifully illustrated books that I found appealing were Nister’s Holiday Annual and Nutcracker of Nuremberg. The first book is a collection of holiday-themed stories, with bright, magnificent colored illustrations. The second book has both black and white and colored illustrations; some of the illustrations have separate pages, while others form a border around the text.

case2 case1

I hope you enjoy the exhibit as much as I did putting it together!

Wishing you and yours a joyous holiday season,

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