Gif It Up, Florida

Is it possible that it is that time of year again? It feels like just last month the Sunshine State Digital Network was hosting the Gif It Up, Florida competition for 2020. Its been a full year since then and we are ready to host our third annual competition where our followers use our content to create new works of art.

If you do not know what Gif It Up, Florida is, here is a brief description straight from our competition website ( : This month-long event invites submissions of remixed cultural heritage materials from Florida institutions or about Florida history and culture.

Gif It Up, Florida started in 2019 with some strong competitors. It grew last year, reflected trends of the pandemic, and we got some interesting entries. This year we hope people continue to bring that sense of real world event engagement into the competition. Think about the past year, what happened in that year, and how you can recreate those events using vintage pictures.

To kickstart your brainstorming process, the repository ( has a ton a photos about fashion, environment, cars, postcards, lgbtq+ history, and more. You can also check out the SSDN Pinterest page for inspiration of categories or to source photos! Good luck hunting for a photo and creating a gif. Remember to submit it between March 1 and April 2.

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