Godby High Yearbooks Online

FSU Libraries continues to partner with local organizations to bring the history of our region online and available for research. Today’s new digital collection comes from a local high school, Godby High School. Opened in 1966, it officially became a school for grades 9-12 in 1968, graduating its first class in 1970. Much younger thanContinue reading “Godby High Yearbooks Online”

Leon High School Yearbooks

Yearbooks are a venerable tradition in high school. They collect and hold memories of a formative time in our lives. Yearbooks also serve as resources for research. They document trends in education, sociology, and demographics. The Digital Library Center recently partnered with Leon High School–the state’s oldest public school–to digitize and make accessible their yearbooksContinue reading “Leon High School Yearbooks”


As a student assistant in Special Collections, one of my projects this summer was to go through our inventory of duplicate yearbooks in preparation for a digitization project. Beginning with our earliest yearbook, the 1901 Argo, and continuing through with the Flastacowo, Tally-Ho, Artifacts, and finishing with the Renegade, I picked out the most pristineContinue reading “Tally-Ho!”