Books for Troops: C.B.I. Pointie Talkie

The C.B.I. Pointie Talkie Number 4 is a fascinating phrase book issued by the US Army Air Force for airmen in the China Burma India Theater in World War II. Containing sections in Chinese, Burmese, French, Annamese, Thai (Siamese), Shan, Lolo, and Lao, the book offers phrases for airmen to point at when trying to communicateContinue reading “Books for Troops: C.B.I. Pointie Talkie”

Remembering the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

“…I could hardly believe Japan had actually attacked us first in such a remote place, yet the whole country has been first stunned then calmly resolved that now we are going to accept the challenge and get it over. They bombed barracks killing 350 soldiers [the total casualties were 2,403 killed & 1,178 wounded] andContinue reading “Remembering the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor”

Claude Pepper and the Lend Lease Act of 1941

This year marks the 74th anniversary of the passing of the Lend Lease Bill, which allowed the sale of arms and material to the Allied Nations during the Second World War, aiding the fight against the Axis Nations until American involvement in the war helped to turn the tide fully. The President as well as like-minded Senators suchContinue reading “Claude Pepper and the Lend Lease Act of 1941”

With All My Love: The Frances Isaac Letters, 1944-1947

This post was originally published February 13, 2015. Much has been written about letters sent during World War II – movies and books chronicle the stories of undelivered correspondence found decades later, letters between young lovers parted by an ocean, advice from mothers and fathers to their sons. Last fall, Heritage Protocol and University ArchivesContinue reading “With All My Love: The Frances Isaac Letters, 1944-1947”

Claude Pepper in Nuremberg

The Florida State University Digital Library currently contains over 7,500 photographs from Claude Pepper’s life and career in public service. At the Claude Pepper Library we are regularly making more images available and each new batch provides a glimpse into history through Pepper’s eyes. Claude Pepper witnessed the build-up to, and aftermath of, World WarContinue reading “Claude Pepper in Nuremberg”

The Spessard Holland Photograph Collection Illustrates Three Decades of Florida Political History

The Claude Pepper Library is home to a collection of over 2,000 photographs from Spessard Holland’s long career representing Florida in the United States Senate and as its 28th governor. These images provide a glimpse into his work on behalf of the state of Florida and with many of the preeminent political figures of the 20thContinue reading “The Spessard Holland Photograph Collection Illustrates Three Decades of Florida Political History”