Look what Percival found in Special Collections & Archives

This post was written by Percival Pitter, a Federal Work Study employee in Special Collections & Archives. Hi my name is Percival Pitter. I am a senior majoring in public health with a minor in biology. What I like about working in Special Collections is getting to work with some really cool artifacts and theContinue reading “Look what Percival found in Special Collections & Archives”

Introductions: Bailey Hopkins

Hi! My name is Bailey Hopkins, and I’d like to introduce myself as a new member of the Special Collections & Archives team! I grew up on the coast of South Florida with an affinity for nature and art. I’ve always been the creative type and as a child, I put all my energy intoContinue reading “Introductions: Bailey Hopkins”

Introductions and the Medial S/f

We decided we would tell you a little about ourselves and the work we do in Special Collections and Archives. I am Dianna Bradley and I have been assisting in Special Collections and Archives for a little over 4 years now. I am a cataloger at FSU Libraries and work on managing our records, includingContinue reading “Introductions and the Medial S/f”