Paris is Always a Good Idea (in stereoscope!)

The Digital Library Center has been working with the Art History department for a few years now to digitize and make available a collection of stereographs. While the collection is wide-ranging in its topics, its main focus is on Paris and her environs just prior to “Haussmannization,” or a series of public works projects led by Georges-EugèneContinue reading “Paris is Always a Good Idea (in stereoscope!)”

A Stereoscopic Multi-Dimensional Experience

The Digital Library Center partnered with the Department of Art History to host a UROP student this semester, Chase Van Tilburg. Here is a bit about him and his work over the last two semesters. My name is Chase Van Tilburg, I am working towards my Bachelor’s of Arts in Art History and my MastersContinue reading “A Stereoscopic Multi-Dimensional Experience”

Making Some Digital Stereograph Magic

Please welcome Micah Vandegrift and Sarah Stanley from the Office of Digital Research and Scholarship (DRS) here at FSU for a guest post on a project we have worked closely with them to bring to the FSU Digital Library. One of the best things about working in what we’re calling “digital scholarship” is the chanceContinue reading “Making Some Digital Stereograph Magic”