Money in the French Revolution

I will admit, military history is not an interest or a forte but as we’ve been working on digitizing Journal Militaire for a graduate student at The Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, I have been reviewing the images prior to making them available in the digital library. Journal Militaire was an official FrenchContinue reading “Money in the French Revolution”

Working with the Napoleon Collection

A guest post by Brianna McLean, who currently works in Special Collections and the Heritage Museum.  She is a history graduate student working on her M.A. in Early Modern European History. This semester, I have been working with our Rare Books Librarian, Rachel Duke, and learning about the Napoleon Collection here in Special Collections.  AsContinue reading “Working with the Napoleon Collection”

Le Moniteur Update

Le Moniteur Universel was a French newspaper founded in Paris under the title Gazette Nationale ou Le Moniteur Universel by Charles-Joseph Panckoucke. It was the main French newspaper during the French Revolution and was for a long time the official journal of the French government and at times a propaganda publication, especially under the NapoleonicContinue reading “Le Moniteur Update”

Summer Report

A look at what a student worker has been up to in Special Collections & Archives this summer My name is Meg Barrett and I started working with Special Collections and Archives at the beginning of the summer. When I found out that I was going to be working on digitally archiving old pictures fromContinue reading “Summer Report”

Happy Birthday, Napoleon!

Happy birthday, Napoleon! Born on the French island of Corsica in 1769 on August 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte is known for being the steadfast emperor of France who conquered much of Europe during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. After winning most of his conflicts against relentless European coalitions, Bonaparte was ultimately defeated by the BritishContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Napoleon!”

Cataloging Clues: Book Owner’s Letter Provides Insight into Napoleon Collection Item

Today in Special Collections, we are exploring a new addition to the Napoleon Collection which led catalogers on an interesting research journey. Recently, a book titled The Historical and Unrevealed Memoirs of the Political and Private Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, printed in 1821, found its way into Special Collections’ Napoleon Collection. While the text itselfContinue reading “Cataloging Clues: Book Owner’s Letter Provides Insight into Napoleon Collection Item”