Happy Birthday, George Washington!

We here at Special Collections and Archives would like to wish George Washington a happy birthday. Though President’s Day was originally created to honor our nation’s first Commander in Chief, many states have since adapted it into a joint celebration which includes Abraham Lincoln’s and George Washington’s birthdays. President’s day, federally known as Washington’s Day,Continue reading “Happy Birthday, George Washington!”

Memorial Day Celebration Recitation

Memorial Day is a holiday that has changed over time. Today, we tend to associate it with barbeques, sales at the mall, a race on TV and a downtown parade. We often miss the original intention of the holiday, to remember and celebrate those brave men and women who’ve given their lives to protect theContinue reading “Memorial Day Celebration Recitation”

Happy Holidays!

We here at Florida State University’s Special Collections & Archives division would like to wish you a happy holiday season! Our Special Collections Research Center will be available by appointment only December 22-23, 2014. Please contact Lisa Girard at (850) 645-0909 or email her at lgirard@fsu.edu to schedule an appointment. The Norwood Reading Room andContinue reading “Happy Holidays!”

A Girl’s Own Christmas

In our latest adventures as graduate assistants, Rebecca Bramlett and I have been learning how to digitize serials for the FSU Digital Library. This process involves scanning materials in the Digital Library Center, editing them, uploading them, and creating metadata for each issue. Using metadata to describe important features of the serials – such as date issued,Continue reading “A Girl’s Own Christmas”

Valentine’s Day

FEBRUARY The sun rides higher Every trip. The sidewalk shows. Icicles drip. A snowstorm comes, And cars are stuck, And ashes fly From the old town truck. The chickadees Grow plump on seed That Mother pours Where they can feed, And snipping, snipping Scissors run To cut out hearts For everyone. by John Updike inContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Holiday Display

Celebrating the Holidays with an Exhibit from Special Collections and Archives Having a winter-theme display in the Reading Room has become something for the FSU students to browse when they want to take a break from studying for finals. With this year’s theme, I immediately started brainstorming and knew I wanted to use cookbooks. TheContinue reading “Holiday Display”