Introducing Heritage Protocol & University Archives

Heritage Protocol & University Archives (HPUA), housed in Special Collections & Archives at Florida State University Libraries, maintains the official repository of university historical records. The archive holds publications, records, photographs, audio-visual, and other material in physical or digital form created by or about Florida State University. We also archive the student experience through theContinue reading “Introducing Heritage Protocol & University Archives”

A Century of Seasons: Early FSU Sports History

Florida State University’s Special Collections presents A Century of Seasons: The History of Florida State Athletics.  Visitors are invited to explore the history of Florida State athletics, which spans over ten decades, from the turn of the century to the modern day.  Beginning in 1905 and ending in 1947 Tallahassee’s campus was a women’s college,Continue reading “A Century of Seasons: Early FSU Sports History”

A Century of Seasons: Modern FSU Sports History

Athletics at Florida State College and Florida State College for Women had always been popular, but after the inception of FSU, sports exploded. Now able to have varsity teams because of the addition of men to the student body, the Tallahassee past time of Seminole fanaticism began. In the exhibit A Century of Seasons: TheContinue reading “A Century of Seasons: Modern FSU Sports History”

Smokey Hollow: Recovering Lost History

My name is Colin Behrens, a freshman here at FSU.  I am a work study student working for Eddie Woodward in Heritage Protocol, a part of Special Collections and Archives. The reason why I pursued this job is because of my love for historical research: more experience in an archival setting can only help me inContinue reading “Smokey Hollow: Recovering Lost History”

West Florida Seminary Cadets at the Battle of Natural Bridge

Almost from its inception, there had been a military and cadet component at West Florida Seminary (1851-1901), predecessor to Florida State University. With the commencement of the Civil War in 1861, this aspect of the school’s curriculum increased in importance, so much so that the State Legislature proposed changing the name of the institution toContinue reading “West Florida Seminary Cadets at the Battle of Natural Bridge”

FSCW Traditions – Color Rush

Held on the morning preceding the annual Florida State College for Women’s Thanksgiving Day basketball game, Color Rush first made its campus appearance around 1917. Color Rush was a series of races, by Odd and Even members, in which each team attempted to “capture” campus buildings by affixing their team’s colors to the highest point.Continue reading “FSCW Traditions – Color Rush”

Annie Gertrude Gilliam: Reflections of a Student’s Life in the 1920s

Annie Gertrude Gilliam was a Florida State College for Women student, Class of 1929.  She earned her BS in education, was a member of the Young Women’s Christian Association, and a sister in Phi Mu sorority.  Heritage Protocol recently acquired her scrapbook, which documents her time as a student at FSCW, from her freshman yearContinue reading “Annie Gertrude Gilliam: Reflections of a Student’s Life in the 1920s”

Florida State College for Women Scrapbooks in the Archives

Compiling scrapbooks was a popular pastime for those who attended the Florida State College for Women.    These students filled their scrapbooks with the miscellaneous items that they thought significant and representative of their day to day lives. Working in the archives, we specifically look for these ephemeral objects that people often threw away. These items,Continue reading “Florida State College for Women Scrapbooks in the Archives”

Inez Abernethy: Florida Female College Heroine

Born in Summerville, Arkansas in 1873, Inez Abernethy (or Abernathy) was the head of the Art Department at Florida Female College and Florida State College for Women from 1905 to 1914.  She received her training at the Art Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio and then studied in Europe from 1896 to 1898.  Between 1900 and 1903,Continue reading “Inez Abernethy: Florida Female College Heroine”

Women for FSU event

Text provided by Gina Woodward Photographs by Burt Altman, Liz Johnson, Gina Woodward, and Kat Bell On Saturday, March 19, 2011, Florida State University Libraries Special Collections and Archives and Heritage Protocol hosted the Back-Stage Pass event for the Women for Florida State University (FSU). The Women for FSU is an organization for women whoContinue reading “Women for FSU event”