Florida State College for Women Scrapbooks in the Archives

Compiling scrapbooks was a popular pastime for those who attended the Florida State College for Women.    These students filled their scrapbooks with the miscellaneous items that they thought significant and representative of their day to day lives. Working in the archives, we specifically look for these ephemeral objects that people often threw away. These items,Continue reading “Florida State College for Women Scrapbooks in the Archives”

A Book for Christina of Markyate

Christina of Markyate lived a span of sixty or so years in early twelfth century England. This Anglo-Saxon woman was born into nobility but chose a path contrary to the conventions of her inherited social class. At some point in her young life, Theodora (“gift of God”), Christina’s birth name, found herself at a crossroadsContinue reading “A Book for Christina of Markyate”

17 February 1940: Eleanor Roosevelt visits FSCW

From the 23 February 1940 Florida Flambeau: Know Government Says First Lady Women Urged to Take Interest in Democracy “Girls, take a vital interest in government in all its details,” Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt advised Florida State college students when she spoke on “Citizenship in a Democracy” here last Saturday. She cautioned, “You won’t likeContinue reading “17 February 1940: Eleanor Roosevelt visits FSCW”

The Flying Lady

Last year in March, when preparing for The Women For FSU event, I became familiar with the Betty Wood McNabb Collection and was intrigued by it.  In celebration of Women’s History Month I thought it was a perfect time to highlight an extraordinary woman and this collection.  The collection of memorabilia from her life and careerContinue reading “The Flying Lady”

Dickens 1812-2012: Dr. John Fenstermaker Lecture 2/29

Charles Dickens is one of the most important writers in English Literary History. Our celebration of his bicentenary in February 2012, presented in collaboration with the FSU English Department, continues on the evening of February 29th with the second of two public lectures, sponsored by the Friends of FSU Libraries and the History of TextContinue reading “Dickens 1812-2012: Dr. John Fenstermaker Lecture 2/29”

Dickens 1812-2012: Dr. Paul Fyfe Lecture 2/15

Charles Dickens is one of the most important writers in English Literary History. In celebration of his bicentenary in February 2012, Florida State University’s Department of English, in collaboration with Strozier Library’s Special Collections, is delighted to announce a pair of lectures on Dickens and his work by eminent FSU scholars. The two public lectures,Continue reading “Dickens 1812-2012: Dr. Paul Fyfe Lecture 2/15”

Ex Libris White Glove Fundraiser December 1, 2011

Julia Zimmerman, Dean of Florida State University Libraries, and the Ex Libris Special Collections Committee cordially invite you to Soar into the Big Top: FSU Libraries Sayre Circus Collection. Support FSU Special Collections by joining us at A La Provence on the evening of December 1 for this very special event.  Attendees will enjoy a white gloveContinue reading “Ex Libris White Glove Fundraiser December 1, 2011”

John M. Shaw event

On Thursday, March 17, Florida State University Libraries Special Collections and Archives hosted an event highlighting the John M. Shaw Childhood in Poetry Collection. On display were works by Robert Burns, Dr. Seuss, Lewis Carroll, A.A. Milne, and many others. Over 40 people were in attendance at the event, with appetizers provided by A  LaContinue reading “John M. Shaw event”