Library History at FSU, Part 3: Dirac

In these next installments of Library History at FSU, we will be exploring the histories of the several libraries of FSU. This installment traces the history of the Paul A. M. Dirac Science Library at Florida State University. Discussions about a science library began as early as 1961, when faculty recognized the need for aContinue reading “Library History at FSU, Part 3: Dirac”

Dirac at FSU

It wasn’t until his later years that Paul Dirac moved to work for the University we call home. In September of 1970, after retiring from his position at Cambridge, Paul Dirac moved to Tallahassee, Florida where he was appointed to work as a visiting professor for Florida State University. He was 68 at the timeContinue reading “Dirac at FSU”

Cataloging and Description: A New Era

We continue our introductions of the FSU Special Collections & Archives division with the Cataloging and Description department. This post was written by Amy Weiss, Annie Glerum and Ruth Ziegler. The Cataloging and Description Department supports the academic programs of Florida State University by organizing and describing print books, e-books, video recordings, streaming video, microforms,Continue reading “Cataloging and Description: A New Era”