Archiving the pandemic: catharsis, trauma, and responsibility

It is American Archives Month, and today is also #Ask An Archivist Day on Twitter. It seems fitting to write specifically about the work of archivists. The Covid-19 pandemic as created a strange temporal space in our lives, one that many of us encounter when we talk about events before and during the past almostContinue reading “Archiving the pandemic: catharsis, trauma, and responsibility”

Bowden’s Legacy at FSU in Images

A selection of images from Heritage & University Archives. Most of these images were created over the years by talented current and former staff of the university. We will continue to add new photographs over the next few weeks. Click here for more recent images from FSU News.

Campus Places & Student Spaces

As we return this summer and to a more normal fall, let’s take a closer look at some of the most familiar landmarks on the Tallahassee campus. If you are new to Florida State, here’s a peek into some our historic places and spaces. For more information about FSU history visit Heritage & University Archives.Continue reading “Campus Places & Student Spaces”

University History and Mythology

As with any person, place, or institution of note, there are a multitude of myths that attach themselves to their histories through various avenues. They can range from fun anecdotes to harmful misrepresentations.

Behind the scenes: Preserving Scrapbooks in Heritage Protocol & University Archives

While many of us no longer create traditional scrapbooks and rely on digital solutions in the form of Pinterest, Facebook, and Flickr, there are still many examples from the long history of scrapbooking that need special care. At Heritage Protocol & University Archives, we use a variety of methods to preserve our large collection. WeContinue reading “Behind the scenes: Preserving Scrapbooks in Heritage Protocol & University Archives”

The Letters of Nellie Godfrey King – Class of 1906

Ms. Nellie as she was often called, was one of the the first graduates of the Florida Female College, the year after Florida State College was changed from a short lived co-ed college to a women’s college due to The Buckman Act. Florida Female College was quickly renamed to the more fitting Florida State CollegeContinue reading “The Letters of Nellie Godfrey King – Class of 1906”

You have the best job ever! A week in the life of a University Archivist

As a University Archivist, each day brings unique challenges, and every day is different. What most people don’t realize are the variety of duties, responsibilities, and actions that take place to keep everything moving forward to acquire, preserve, and provide access to Florida State’s historical collections. In the course of a week, a multitude ofContinue reading “You have the best job ever! A week in the life of a University Archivist”

Heritage Protocol marks the passing of Dr. J. Stanley Marshall

Heritage Protocol and our entire community is saddened to learn of the passing of former Florida State University President and Trustee Dr. J. Stanley Marshall, who died earlier today, June 8, at the age of 91. From Garnett Stokes, Interim President, Florida State University: Dr. Marshall leaves a truly remarkable legacy. Following his service inContinue reading “Heritage Protocol marks the passing of Dr. J. Stanley Marshall”

Reubin O’Donovan Askew: September 11, 1928 – March 13, 2014

Today we are saddened to mark the passing of Reubin O’Donovan Askew, FSU alumnus, professor, and former Governor of Florida. Askew, born in Muskogee, Oklahoma on September 11, 1928, died early this morning surrounded by family members at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, he was 85. He served as Governor from 1971 to 1979 and as U.S. tradeContinue reading “Reubin O’Donovan Askew: September 11, 1928 – March 13, 2014”