Digital Library Center 101

Greetings from the Digital Library Center! Want to get a head start on your upcoming research papers? Looking to learn more about the history of the university and life on campus? Maybe you just want to view some of Special Collections and Archives‘ notable rare books and historical collections from the comfort of your own room.Continue reading “Digital Library Center 101”

Happy Birthday, Napoleon!

Happy birthday, Napoleon! Born on the French island of Corsica in 1769 on August 15th, Napoleon Bonaparte is known for being the steadfast emperor of France who conquered much of Europe during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. After winning most of his conflicts against relentless European coalitions, Bonaparte was ultimately defeated by the BritishContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Napoleon!”

Maps of the Caribbean

The Florida State University Digital Library (FSUDL) has been a contributing member of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (DLOC) since its formation in 2004. Since then, the FSUDL has uploaded historic and rare maps of the islands to DLOC. These maps were created by some of the world’s most talented cartographers and explorers andContinue reading “Maps of the Caribbean”

Introducing The Digital Library Center

The Digital Library Center at FSU’s Strozier Library has digitized thousands of rare and unique items ranging from existing materials in FSU’s own Special Collections & Archives division to international patron research requests. Their staff of experts consists of Willa Patterson, Giesele Towels and studio manager, Stuart Rochford. Together they carefully work to create content forContinue reading “Introducing The Digital Library Center”

The FSU Digital Library Presents: Club Downunder Posters!

Since the 1970s, in the heart of FSU’s main campus, Club Downunder (CDU) has been entertaining FSU students with its eclectic range of live performances, including rock shows, comedy acts, and other recreational events. David Rañon, coordinator of Union Productions and Club Downunder, recently donated 316 event posters to Heritage Protocol and University Archives at StrozierContinue reading “The FSU Digital Library Presents: Club Downunder Posters!”