New Exhibit: War Stories

The political causes and effects of war are well-documented by scholars and politicians, but the details of life during wartime are the provenance of the fighters on the ground, in the air, and at sea. Throughout recorded time, soldiers have shared their stories, told with humor, pathos, hope, and pride. In honor of Veterans Day,Continue reading “New Exhibit: War Stories”

The Days of Our Lives: FSU Archives Edition

What do archivists do all day, anyway?  Look at old photos?  Dust yearbooks? Take papers from one file folder and put them in another? Those are all true to some extent, but university archivists play more roles in their community than one might think.  Take a look at some of the extraordinary events during anContinue reading “The Days of Our Lives: FSU Archives Edition”

#AskAnArchivist Day

What is it? October 1, 2015 is #AskAnArchivist Day!  Archivists around the country, including those in FSU Libraries Special Collections, will take to Twitter to answer your questions about any and all things archival. The day-long event, sponsored by the Society of American Archivists, will give you the opportunity to connect directly with archivists at FSU—and aroundContinue reading “#AskAnArchivist Day”

Murder in the Keys: Crime and Punishment in Special Collections

FSU Libraries Special Collections and Archives has many resources devoted to Florida history. The Goulding Family Collection (01/MSS 0-128) was donated by Professor Robert L. Goulding following his retirement from FSU in 1960. The collection includes several remarkable documents from Goulding’s ancestors, including primary sources chronicling military and civilian life during the American Civil War,Continue reading “Murder in the Keys: Crime and Punishment in Special Collections”

Manuscript Collections 101

FSU Special Collections & Archives collects historical materials in support of all of the University’s academic programs and for the benefit of local, national, and international scholars. The collections include handwritten documents, published and unpublished textual works, printed posters and flyers, sound recordings, motion pictures, and more, covering a wide range of content including FloridaContinue reading “Manuscript Collections 101”

New Faces: Rory Grennan

The Special Collections & Archives Division is excited to welcome Rory Grennan, our new Manuscript & Instruction Archivist.  Rory will manage the manuscript collections and faculty paper holdings of the FSU Libraries Special Collections Research Center and provide archival instruction to University students, scholars, and the general public.  He comes to FSU from the University ofContinue reading “New Faces: Rory Grennan”