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Cooking the Books: A Special Collections Sampler

The simple pleasures of art and food are simmering in the lobby of the Special Collections reading room for a few weeks.  Our current exhibit highlights the art of David Lance Goines and the food wisdom of executive chef Alice Waters as they collaborate and dish out a feast for the eyes.

The complete set of broadsides, 30 Recipes Suitable for Framing, housed in Special Collections are adorned with carefully planned letterpress artwork and calligraphy that elevate the simple notions of the food instructions at hand to be appreciated as an art form in their own right.

“You will never get tired of washing lettuce if it is beautiful to look at.”— Alice Waters

Over the past 40 years, these two have paired together on several projects, including art prints/posters celebrating anniversaries of Alice’s restaurant (Chez Panisse in Berkley, CA), her cookbooks, and other publications.  Alice’s professional milestones invite us to return to simpler times when the experience of food was the heart of our daily lives.  She continues to develop community awareness with programs like the Edible Schoolyard and international outreach with the Slow Food Movement.