Introducing: The Reading Room KIC Scanner

Future researchers, we want to direct your attention to our new KIC scanner. With our help, you will now be able to scan the materials that you’re studying and email the images directly to yourself for your own personal research. 

However, we do have a few types of materials that may not be scanned including photo negatives, 3D objects such as cuneiform tablets, tightly bound items or items with broken or fragile spines, oversized documents/materials, and documents with explicit restrictions on copying.  For these items, submitting a digitization request to our Digital Library Center is still the best method.

The Citations and Copyright page of the SCA website has a lot of helpful information, especially regarding how to properly cite materials from the collections. 

Users who would like to reuse materials from our collections for publication, distribution, performance, display, or broadcast should be aware of any copyright restrictions on the content.

  • In the manuscript collections this information can be found in the Conditions Governing Use note in the finding aid. 
  • In the digital library this information can be found in the Use and Reproduction field and the Rights Statement URI field.

Register with us, or just walk in and we can get you set up with something you’re interested in!

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