Introductions: Anna Zak

Hi, everyone! I’m Anna Zak and I am an OPS worker for the Digital Library Collection here at the FSU Special Collections and Archives, focusing on the Heritage and University Archives. I am a third-year student at FSU, double majoring in English Editing, Writing, and Media and History. I’ve been working here since November 2020 and I love it! Originally, I was a remote worker due to Covid-19, but I transitioned into working in-person in August 2021.

I became interested in the Special Collections after visiting it during one of my English classes, History of Text Technologies. Seeing my two favorite subjects, the ones that I am currently studying, combined in archives fascinated me and I knew this was something that would always be interesting to me. Luckily, I found an open position and have now been able to work hands-on with materials through creating metadata and digitizing them. The process of making these materials available to everyone online is really fulfilling and truly special. Working here has made me even more passionate, and has inspired me to pursue a career in archiving myself.

I really enjoy the work I do here and the projects I am able to contribute to. I’m excited for future projects I will work on and the guidance I will receive. Thank you!

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