Black History at Florida State University

As Black History Month comes to a close, let’s take a peek into FSU history to learn more about the Black students who made history as “firsts” of FSU.

First Black male baccalaureate student – Maxwell Courtney; enrolled 1962, graduated 1965

First Black female baccalaureate student – Jacquelyn Dupont-Walker; enrolled 1963, graduated 1966

First Black masters student – Maxine A. Thurston-Fischer; enrolled 1962, graduated 1964

First Black doctoral student – Klara Boyd Hadley; graduated 1969

First Black athlete and baseball player – Fred Flowers, 1965

First Black basketball player – Lenny Hall, 1966

First Black football player recruited – Calvin Patterson, 1968

First Black football player to play on the field – James “JT” Thomas Jr., 1969

First Black cheerleader – Gayle Andrews, 1969

First Black Homecoming queen – Doby Lee Flowers, 1970

First Black Homecoming chief – Cecil Howard, 1980

First Black student body president – Charles Thompson, 1973

First Black fraternity – Omega Psi Phi, Chi Theta Chapter chartered on August 1, 1970

First Black sorority – Alpha Kappa Alpha, Zeta Omicron Chapter chartered on June 5, 1971

Published by Kacee Reguera

Heritage & University Archives Assistant Florida State University

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