New Additions to the Emmett Till Research Guide

The main site for information about the Emmett Till Archives at Florida State University, the Emmett Till Archives Research Guide, has recently been updated and expanded.

A description of the types of materials and topics within the archives has been added, as well as some newly digitized materials. The new section of the guide, the Till Archives Resource Guide, provides links to a sample of the materials available online in the Digital Library and makes new materials available to those not able to visit the archives in person.

The main purpose of this new section of the guide is to provide access to specific materials to facilitate the Florida State University Libraries and the FSU School of Communication partnership with the West Tallahatchie School District in Tallahatchie County Mississippi. In 2021 the FSU-West Tallahatchie partnership was established to teach the history of the Emmett Till case using primary source documents from the Till Archives in Special Collections & Archives. Students at West Tallahatchie High School will utilize the materials for their own creative projects this spring.

Tallahatchie County was a central location of the kidnapping and murder of Emmett Till. The collaboration gives students an opportunity to learn and explore the history of their area and place through primary sources related to the event.

For more information about the partnership with West Tallahatchie, or to learn more about conducting research in the Emmett Till Archives, email

Published by Kristin Hagaman

Research Services Associate, Special Collections & Archives, Florida State University Libraries

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