Valentine’s Day Classifieds from the Florida Flambeau

Classified advertisements are a form of advertising popular in newspapers that consists of short advertisements that are sold by the word or letter for low prices. These ads were extremely popular in Florida State University’s student-run newspaper, Florida Flambeau. They served as a cheap way for students to exchange messages between friends, offer things for sale, publicize campus events, and even look for roommates prior to smart devices and social media.

On Valentine’s Day, these classified ad pages were transformed into a love-fest. Couples professed their love for each other, sorority sisters shout out their bigs and littles, and secret admirers made themselves known.

Below are some classifieds pages from several Valentine’s Day Florida Flambeau issues. Reading these is like taking a peek into the social lives of Florida State University students during the late 20th century. Click the images to enlarge them and zoom in. To read more classified ads, check out the Florida Flambeau on DigiNole, our digital repository.

Florida Flambeau, February 14th, 1990
Florida Flambeau, February 14th, 1985
Florida Flambeau, February 14th, 1978

Published by Kacee Reguera

Heritage & University Archives Assistant Florida State University

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