Look what Percival found in Special Collections & Archives

This post was written by Percival Pitter, a Federal Work Study employee in Special Collections & Archives.

Hi my name is Percival Pitter. I am a senior majoring in public health with a minor in biology. What I like about working in Special Collections is getting to work with some really cool artifacts and the rare book collection. My coworkers are a great team of people who are always happy to help. Working in Special Collections is like working in a museum. There is so much to see and so many documents and letters from our history. Working in Special Collections has been a great experience for me so far and I’ve learned so much from everyone there.

Look what I found! President T.K. Wetherell statue abiding by FSU’s mask policy during the COVID-19 pandemic

President T.K. Wetherell statue abiding by FSU’s mask policy during the COVID-19 pandemic

This picture was submitted to the FSU COVID-19 Community Experience Project, which is a collection of materials submitted by FSU students, staff, and faculty to document their personal experiences during the coronavirus outbreak. The collection, including this picture, is available to view online.

I found this picture quite funny considering the COVID-19 pandemic. Being required to stay inside has taken a heavy toll on many of us. I for one think this picture is a great way to brighten up someone’s day, especially if you’re on your way to work or if you’re on your way to class and find yourself in need of a mood booster before stepping inside that classroom or that workplace. I walk by the Wescott fountain everyday and never noticed this until now. 

Published by Kristin Hagaman

Research Services Associate, Special Collections & Archives, Florida State University Libraries

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