Introductions: Bailey Hopkins

Headshot of Bailey Hopkins

Hi! My name is Bailey Hopkins, and I’d like to introduce myself as a new member of the Special Collections & Archives team!

I grew up on the coast of South Florida with an affinity for nature and art. I’ve always been the creative type and as a child, I put all my energy into drawing, reading, and making up stories with my friends. As I’ve grown, I realized that my interests have always revolved around stories and storytelling. I love movies, literature, and history for the stories that they tell about the people in them or, more often, the people writing them. So, when I was able to explore SCA, I immediately took an interest in the department and the undeniably human impression that’s left on historical texts.     

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to be involved in this department since my first year at FSU. We Editing, Writing, and Media majors are required to study the ins and outs of literature, publishing, media, and everything that interacts with those subjects in which I have found covers a vast array of topics. However, the class that I felt most drawn to was that of History of Text Technologies, which of course led me to Special Collections. My class met and we were led downstairs where all of these historical texts were laid out; we all asked tons of questions and were able to look at texts that I did not think I would be allowed to see in real life (cuneiform tablets, papyrus, and 14th-century religious manuscripts, oh my!). Immediately afterward, I sent my whole family a million pictures of the texts with lengthy descriptions. Here are some of my favorite texts that we looked at.

Miniature Book

Unfortunately, that would be the one and only time I got to visit the archives as that was the start of 2020. After transitioning to online class, we were able to utilize the online archives which I still found fascinating.

Since then, I’ve undertaken Italian language as my minor and reached my final semester with only one requirement remaining. I came to SCA interested in an internship because I wanted the opportunity to work with fascinating texts and find out what roles were required to keep an archival environment thriving. My role here so far will be writing and editing for our blog as well as making up a tour script that applies to our many different audiences.

Working with SCA is a unique opportunity to access history through texts and literature and I am so excited to get started!    

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