The Great Rare Books Bake Off Finale

As November has come to a close so has our Annual FSU Special Collections & Archives Great Rare Books Bake Off. We have had a month full of mixing, baking, cooking, and exploring. Our recipes ranged from cookies, stews, and bacon pancakes, to milk punch, bread pudding, and cakes. Diving into the stacks, our contributors learned about the historic origins of several different recipes or explored their own family’s traditions. They navigated the difficulties of cooking from historic recipes – from measurements to trying to find the right temperature for their ovens. Our contributors made some amazing creations – as seen below.

Cocktail/Mocktail Week

Appetizer Week

Main Course and Sides Week

Dessert Week

We appreciate all of the effort put forth by the contributors to the FSU Special Collections & Archives Great Rare Books Bake Off!

As for the winner of this month’s bake-off….it is everyone! Truly, every participant demonstrated extraordinary commitment and skills in recreating these recipes and it was so much fun watching this unfold. Comment below to tell us about your family’s traditional recipes or how you have reworked old recipes to make more sense in the 21st century. See y’all next year!

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