Explore DPLA’s Online Exhibits

Florida State University serves as the home for the Sunshine State Digital Network (SSDN), the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) hub for Florida. We have highlighted some DPLA resources before and today we want to introduce you to DPLA’s exhibitions. These are curated online exhibits that showcase material from cultural heritage institutions across the United States.

There are currently 32 exhibitions that expand on topics such as American imperialism, Prohibition, the Transcontinental Railroad, the World War II Home Front and contemporary topics like the evolution of the personal camera. These curated exhibitions include full images, documents, and other media from collections shared to DPLA. You get to see items from many different collections all in one exhibit!

If the exhibitions have spurred your curiosity about what else you can find in DPLA we also encourage you to check out the “Brows by Topic” feature in DPLA and explore more amazing resources.

Visit DPLA today at dp.la and curate your own set of related resources using the lists feature. Happy exploring!

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