New Collection – Flying High Circus

Despite Covid’s best attempts at stopping us from acquiring new material for the archive, we’ve received a large and extremely interesting collection from the Flying High Circus! This collection covers a wide range of material from budgets to publications to photographs and even records.

Photographs from the Flying High Collection HUA 2021-016

The Flying High Circus was created in 1947 by Jack Haskins. The circus was created right as FSU was becoming coeducational and was created as a way to combine male and female students into a single activity. The circus has performed all over the world, including Europe, Canada, the Bahamas, and the West Indies.

Collection of programs Flying High Collection HUA 2021-016

The Flying High Circus has always been present in our collection at Heritage & University Archives. In many of the personal collections of former FSU students, we often find programs or photographs related to the circus. We also have several incredible images in our FSU Photograph Collection (HUA 2016-003) and many, many more in the J. Barry Mittan Photograph Collection (HP 2011-041). This collection, on top of providing even more outstanding photographs to the archive, also provides a wealth of historical information for anyone researching the history of the Circus.

For more information on this collection, contact Special Collections & Archives!

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