Armchair Traveling in the Digital Library

We’ve all been stuck pretty close to home for over a year now and, I don’t know about you, but I am missing the fun and excitement of traveling. I find myself planning trips and adding more and more days onto a European vacation that has been postponed for two years now. A recent new addition to the digital library ramped up my wanderlust again. Working with the Libraries’ Open Publishing Librarian and the University Archivist, we’re happy to bring online ItaliaNoles, the student-run publication from FSU’s campus in Florence, Italy.

ItaliaNoles is a publication produced by students at the Florida State University Florence Campus each semester. The magazine features articles on Florence culture, cuisine, student life, and other special topics. Started with the Summer 2018 cohort, the magazine has been published each semester since, including capturing the experiences of FSU students in the spring 2020 as the world entered into a pandemic and their semester was cut short. If these articles and photos don’t make you want to head to Italy, I don’t know what will but it will also show you the unique experiences of FSU students as they not only study abroad but also become a part of the Florence community while they are there.

Image of the cover of ItaliaNoles, Issue 6, depicting a Roman statue wearing a surgical face mask.
Cover of ItaliaNoles, Issue 6 from Spring 2020 as the pandemic weighed down on the semester

Bringing this collection into DigiNole: FSU’s digital repository is part of a long-term strategy to make sure this University publication is properly a part of the University Archives and on the list for storage in our digital preservation system as a born-digital product of FSU faculty and students when it comes online later this year. While not all our university archives make me want to book a plane ticket ASAP, providing access to and preserving the University’s history, and the work of our talented students and faculty is always a rewarding day’s work. ItaliaNoles joins many other University publications that can be explored here in DigiNole, via the library catalog or through finding aids. Happy Reading!

Published by Krystal Thomas

Digital Archivist at Florida State University

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