Change is coming to the digital library!

Happy New Year! A bit late but this is my first post of the year and it is to share happy news. Later this year, FSU Libraries will be migrating our digital library to a new platform. This spring will be a lot of work in getting the new platform up and running, migrating all our materials from our current site to the new and making sure everything is working before we launch the new digital library platform.

What does this mean for the current digital library, DigiNole? Nothing at the moment. That site will continue to be available and we will continue to add new materials to our digital library collections until the new platform launches.

Screen shot of search results on the development site for the new digital library platform.
A sneak peek behind the curtain as we work on the new platform. Check out the new date slider we’re hoping to include to help narrow search results!

The current timeline calls for a halt in digitization temporarily in April for Digital Library Center (DLC) staff to help with the migration process. The DLC may be slow to turn around digitization requests at that time so plan accordingly but we will, as always, make every effort to meet patrons’ needs during this exciting time of transition. We look forward in the new platform to have more user friendly searches, search result displays, object viewers, and metadata displays to enhance our digital collections and our users’ experiences.

Look for more exciting news about this migration in the coming months and for now, continue to enjoy the collections on DigiNole where we will be adding a lot of new content over the next few months in spite of the migration craziness on our plate!

Published by Krystal Thomas

Digital Archivist at Florida State University

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