Want to add your pandemic story to the Archives?

Making Hand Sanitizer at home, one of many items in the FSU COVID-19 Community Archive [http://purl.flvc.org/fsu/fd/FSU_HUA_2020_016_002]

Heritage & University Archives is still collecting materials for its campus-wide project encouraging FSU students, staff, and faculty to document their personal experiences during the coronavirus outbreak and contribute them to the University Archives. In accordance with FSU’s University Archives Policy, the University Archive is already collecting records related to FSU’s official response. But, we want to ensure that our community’s personal experiences and reactions to this challenging and historic situation are included in FSU’s permanent archives as well. All members of the campus community are invited and encouraged to participate and contribute their experiences to the archives.

It’s super easy to contribute materials online – no car ride or stamp needed! Visit our project’s page on the FSU Libraries webpage, read the guidelines and then visit our Google form. A few answers, upload your file and then you’re done! What you submit will be processed and available in the FSU Digital Library in the near future. You can even choose to remain anonymous online if you prefer. We’ve had students submit pandemic-related class assignments, FSU employees sent pictures of working remotely, and community members sent pictures and writing about their experience in Tallahassee throughout this year.

Excerpt from Life In Quarantine by Aleya Howard. [http://purl.flvc.org/fsu/fd/FSU_HUA_2020_016_015]

If you aren’t sure what to share, or need inspiration, take a look at what other members of the FSU community have already added to the archives beyond the few examples shared here by visiting our FSU COVID-19 Community Experience Project collection in the Digital Library.

We look forward to reading about your experiences of this historic time and sharing them with researchers for many years to come.

Published by Krystal Thomas

Digital Archivist at Florida State University

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