FSU Special Collections & Archives Presents: The Great Rare Books Bake Off Cocktail/Mocktail Week

Welcome to the first week of the FSU Special Collections & Archives Great Rare Books Bake Off! This week we will be sharing and attempting cocktail and mocktail recipes from our collection. Please visit our introduction post to find out how you can participate.

Many of the beverage recipes found in our cookbooks make large amounts to serve at parties or social gatherings, but can be scaled down to make 1 or 2 drinks. A recipe for negus (a wine-based beverage) from The book of household management by Isabella Beeton (1861) is recommended to be served to children at parties!

While there is a strong emphasis on alcoholic drinks in many recipes, we encourage trying the recipes without alcohol to convert it to a mocktail. Flavored seltzers, tonic water, or sparkling apple juice can be used to replace the alcohol for a festive beverage. Recipes for flavored vinegars and lemonades are available in several of the books, the vinegars are served with water over ice.

Housekeeping in the blue grass: A new and practical cookbook: containing nearly a thousand recipes …By the Presbyterian Church Missionary Society of Paris Kentucky (1879) http://purl.flvc.org/fsu/fd/FSU_TX715H681879

Champagne Punch: One bottle of champagne, one half tumblerful (1/2 cup) of sugar, one wine-glassful (1/4 cup) of rum, and one half-dozen lemons.

Whisky Punch: One gallon whisky, six tumblerfuls of sugar and one half-dozen lemons.

Blackberry Vinegar (a temperance drink): One gallon of fresh berries, washed and picked; pour over them a half gallon of good cider vinegar; let stand twenty-four hours; then strain. To each pint of juice add 3/4 of a pound of sugar; boil half an hour and skim carefully. When cold, bottle, and cork lightly. When used, pour the depth of an inch in the glass; fill with water, pounded ice, and season with nutmeg.

Egg Nog: Six eggs, beaten separately; one pound of sugar; two pints of rich cream, one pint of whisky, one half pint of Jamaica rum; beat the yolks well; mix sugar and whisky together; whip the cream; add whites of eggs, and cream last. It is best made over night.

The book of household management By Isabella Beeton (1861) http://purl.flvc.org/fsu/fd/FSU_TX717B4

Lemonade: The rind of 2 lemons, the juice of 3 large or 4 small ones, 1/2 pound sugar, 1 quart boiling water. Rub some of the sugar, in lumps, on two of the lemons until they have imbibed all the oil from them, and put it with the remainder of the sugar into a jug; add the lemon-juice, and pour over the whole a quart of boiling water. When the sugar is dissolved, strain the lemonade through a fine sieve; when cool it will be ready for use.

Negus: To every pint of port wine allow 1 quart of boiling water, 1/4 pound of sugar, 1 lemon, nutmeg to taste. Put the wine into a jug, rub some lumps of sugar (equal to 1/4 lb) on the lemon-rind until all the yellow part of the skin is absorbed, then squeeze the juice, and strain it. Add the sugar and lemon-juice to the port wine, with the grated nutmeg; pour over it the boiling water, cover the jug, and when it has cooled a little it can be drunk.

All about cookery: a collection of practical recipes arranged in alphabetical order By Isabella Beeton (1890) http://purl.flvc.org/fsu/fd/FSU_TX717B421890

Shandy Gaff: Ingredients for pint mug. 1/2 pint of good bitter ale, 1/2 pint or a bottle of ginger beer; if liked, a dash of liqueur, ice. Put lumps of ice in a tankard, and pour the ale and ginger beer over, adding a little liqueur, if liked.

Punch (cold): Ingredients for bowl for 12 people. 1 bottle of rum, 2 glasses (2 cups) of orange liqueur, 1 bottle of champagne, 1/4 lb sugar, 1 large lemon, 1/2 pint of water, ice. Boil sugar, lemon rind, and water. When cool add rum, champagne, and lemon juice. Serve over over with lemon rind removed.

Punch (hot): 1/2 pint rum, 1/2 pint brandy, 1/4 lb sugar, 1 large lemon, 1/2 tsp nutmeg, 1 pint boiling water. Rub the sugar over the lemon until it has absorbed all the yellow part of the skin, then put the sugar into a punch bowl; add the lemon-juice and mix well. Pour boiling water into bowl, mixing well. Add rum, brandy, and nutmeg, mixing thoroughly. Punch is ready to serve when all ingredients are thoroughly incorporated.

Cheers! Our next recipe recommendations post will be November 9th, with the start of appetizer week!

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