#AskAnArchivist Day


What is it?

October 1, 2015 is #AskAnArchivist Day!  Archivists around the country, including those in FSU Libraries Special Collections, will take to Twitter to answer your questions about any and all things archival. The day-long event, sponsored by the Society of American Archivists, will give you the opportunity to connect directly with archivists at FSU—and around the country—to ask questions, get information, or just satisfy your curiosity.

What questions can be asked?

Archivists participating in #AskAnArchivist Day are eager to respond to any and all questions you have about archives and archival work.

No question is too casual . . .

  • What’s your favorite thing you’ve come across in your collections?
  • If your archives had a soundtrack, what songs would be on it?
  • What do archivists talk about around the water cooler?

. . . or too practical!

  • What should I do to be sure that my emails won’t get lost?
  • How do you decide which donated items to keep?
  • How can I get my students more interested in using archives for projects?

How does it work?

#AskAnArchivist Day is open to everyone—all you need is a Twitter account. To participate, just tweet a question and include the hashtag #AskAnArchivist in your tweet. Your question will be seen instantly by archivists around the country who are standing by to respond directly to you.  Have a question specifically for FSU Special Collections ?Include @FSULibrary with your question.  We will be answering questions live on Twitter from 10 am to 2 pm on October 1st; questions we don’t get to will be saved and answered on this blog next week.

Don’t have a question? Use the #AskAnArchivist hashtag to follow the action!  Search Twitter for #AskAnArchivist and follow along as questions and answers are shared.

Get those questions ready, and we’ll see you on Twitter!

Conferences: the original social media. From the FSU Digital Library
Conferences: the original social media.
From the FSU Digital Library

Published by Rory Grennan

Rory Grennan is Director of Manuscripts Collections at Florida State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives.

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