New Collection of Confederate Sheet Music in the FSU Digital Library

From Sara Nodine, Head of Collection Development and Special Collection at the Allen Music Library here at Florida State University:

The Allen Music Library is thrilled to announce their first collection of sheet music available through the FSU Digital Library.  On April 25, 2014 the Confederate Sheet Music Collection was added to the digital repository with the intention of making valuable and fragile resources available for use not only on the campus of Florida State University, but also to the broader virtual community of scholars.

In 1987, the Warren D. Allen Music Library acquired a large collection of Confederate sheet music imprints.  The collection includes more than 300 items which comprise approximately 40% of all sheet music titles know to have been published in the Confederacy.  In addition to these imprints, there are other scores included in the collection that are related to the Confederacy.  These items are not considered imprints because they meet one or more criteria: published outside of the years of the war, published prior to secession, published in a city once under Union control, or by a Northern publisher.

There are several resources that discuss Confederate imprints in the library collections at FSU. Alumnus John G. Rivest’s “A Descriptive Bibliography of Confederate Sheet-music Imprints Held by The Florida State University” [Music Library – ML125.C6 R58 1990] describes the content of this collection in detail.  In addition, Frank W. Hoogerwerf’s Confederate Sheet Music Imprints [Music Library – ML125.C6 H66 1984] is a thorough catalog of all existing confederate sheet music imprints.

This project was made possible by a Student Technology Fee Grant from FSU, enabling the Music Library to purchase a high-quality scanner for the digitization process.  Additionally, the library was able to host an intern from the FSU School of Information who digitized the scores and provided the records needed to create an accessible collection.  I would like to thank Shanna Speer for her commitment to the project over the course of the semester.  We are excited to continue adding collections to the larger digital library and look forward to the collaboration that these resources will inspire.

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