A Poem for Mother’s Day

coverThis little book, My Mother: a Poem, by Ann Taylor, was published between 1825 and 1833.  It is from our John McKay Shaw Childhood in Poetry book collection and is only 1.75″ x 3″. The John MacKay Shaw Collection, includes over 22,400 books in the Childhood in Poetry Collection and over 46 linear feet of other materials that document the personal, business, and collecting activities of John MacKay Shaw, an internationally-known book collector. The Childhood in Poetry Collection is one of the foremost repositories of the poetry of childhood.  It includes the books by, for, and about children, as well as additional materials he collected relating to the themes (bibliography, biography, children,collecting, publication, and writing) of the collection.

While the emphasis of the John MacKay Shaw Collection is on poetry and children, it also contains the collector’s own notes and correspondence, as well as original drawings, proof sheets, catalogs, and other materials assembled during his many years of research. In these materials as well as in the books, history, sociology, music and theatre, art and education are well represented, with emphasis on the Victorian era.4 and 56 and 7

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