Lady of the Lake

lady of the lake castle
The Lady of the Lake with notes and analytical and explanatory index. Published in Edinburgh by W. Ritchie, 1889. Reprint of 1871 edition. Copy rebound, with raised wood covers affixed front and back. Front cover depicting Stirling Castle in Scotland

I have been wanting to highlight two books in our collection that I am particularly fond of specifically for their unique covers and are amongst my favorite books  in our collection with beautiful covers.   These books are different versions of  The Lady of the Lake: a Poem in Six Cantos by Sir Walter Scott.

What motivated me to post pictures of the covers of these books was a reference to it that I came across in another book in our collection The Red Hills of Florida: 1528-1865 by Clifton Paisley.  Special Collections also has the Red Hills of Florida Collection 1820-1994 that contains correspondence, notes, maps, manuscripts, photographs, and related materials.  This collection is comprised of the background files, notes, correspondence, permission, maps, manuscripts, galley proofs, camera ready copies, photographs, and other materials that were collected or created by Clifton Paisley during the writing of his book.Lady of the Lake white

The paragraph where I found the reference to Lady Of the Lake referred to David Macomb, who was from Detroit and aspired to become a planter.   In 1825, soon after he settled in Tallahassee, he began to invest in acreage at the edge of Southwood Plantation, which was about four miles southeast of Tallahassee.   Paisley comments on page 90  that “One can look out from Capital Circle across a misty lake of thirteen acres and a nearby hill that appear to have inspired the name Macomb gave to this plantation, slightly misspelled from Sir Walter Scott’s Lady of the Lake, “Ben Venue on Loch Acray.”   I find it interesting that two very different books like Lady of The Lake and The Red Hills of Florida can intersect in such a way.

The Lady of the Lake with notes and an appendix. Published in New York, Boston, : T. Y. Crowell & Co., c1892. From the latest Edinburgh edition. Decorative front cover with raised floral design.

One thought on “Lady of the Lake

  1. The covers on these books are lovely, I particularly like the flower border to the painting it the top one. We were just talking about the fun in finding crossovers and links between different collections in our archive yesterday – they can occur in the most unexpected places!

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