Cooking Florida Style

pie and recipeWe like to celebrate special events in our department such as birthdays and graduations.  Everyone brings something to share, and we look forward to trying new recipes. In July, we celebrated staff member Ben Yadon’s birthday, and I chose a Key Lime recipe from a book in our Florida Collection called Seasonal Florida:  A Taste of Life in North Florida.

We all agreed that this was a good recipe and I am sharing it here.  However, if I were to make it again, I would not whip the cream and powdered sugar together for the topping since it did not come out in the consistency that I liked.  Because of this, I used Cool Whip.

We have an eclectic selection of cookbooks in our Florida Collection including Old, Original and Favorite Recipes of the Florida Panhandlers, Burdine’s Cookbook, a Volume of Tested Recipes, The American Beach Cookbook, Florida Citrus Cookbook and Seminole Savorings: the Official Seminoles Boosters’ Cookbook.  

I am looking forward to trying more of the recipes from cookbooks in this collection and sharing them on our blog.

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