F Club Makes a Comeback in History

F Club Members
F Club Members Standing in a Field (Photograph from Frankie Hall Collection, 1942-1998)

A new exhibit is coming to the Mary Lou Norwood Reading Room in Strozier Library and introduces today’s Florida State University students and faculty to the F Club.

From the time of its start in 1913 and later official organization in 1920, the F Club not only encouraged athletic participation but also honored those students with multiple outstanding athletic achievements. In coordination with the Odd and Even teams, F Club membership required participation and a varsity “F” letter before the goating and initiation processes could begin. Already immersed in the history of our school, F Club stands as a beacon of women’s athletics.

F Club Members
Frankie Hall and Anna Giese (Photograph from Frankie Hall Collection, 1942-1998)

This club offered recognition to female athletes in a number of different activities including volleyball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, swimming and even modern dance and archery. Likewise, we are recognizing not only the F Club but also the women involved in our new exhibit which addresses the clubs system of membership. This display includes information and artifacts surrounding the processes of F Club Goating, Initiation, Membership, and the rare F Club Emblem along with many of its 32 recipients.

As many of its members were influential students on campus, F Club acted as  a connected web of both Odds and Evens and the many other organizations at Florida State College for Women–cementing its place in our schools history.

F Club Members
Audrey Perry, Jo Guthrie, Catherine Gallagher, Babe Evans, and Amarene Thompson (Photograph from Frankie Hall Collection, 1942-1998)

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