Highlights from the Ervin Collection Vol. 1: Dr. Who and the Daleks


This post is the first in an ongoing series in which we look at some of the highlights of the Robert M. Ervin Jr. Collection of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comics. The Ervin collection consists of over 1200 individual titles, including both primary and secondary works. You can use this Finding Aid to browse the Ervin Collection by format and title.

Kicking the series off is a gem I uncovered while assisting a patron yesterday: the one-shot Dr. Who and the Daleks movie tie-in comic book, published December 1, 1966. This comic adaptation of a seemingly non-canonical feature-length spin-off of the iconic and long-running British television series features Peter Cushing’s Dr. Who, an earthling scientist who invents a time machine disguised as a police box called TARDIS and, along with his grandchildren, fights off the menace of the Daleks, a race of robotic aliens bent on extermination.

pages from the comic

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