Adopt-a-Book Program

Adopt-A-Book picture
The Scottish Keepsake, or The Songs of The Ayrshire Bard, Shaw Collection (small).  Repair needed to cover and spine.  Dimensions 4 1/2″  x  3″  x  3/4″.

Books suffer the effects of aging, as well as wear and tear from use.  Many of the books in our collections are fragile.   Some need protective boxes, and others need minor repairs.  We also have books that require extensive help if they are to survive for use by future scholars.

How can you help?

Our Adopt-a-Book Program, jointly sponsored by the University Libraries and the Friends of the Libraries, lets you combine your love of books and your support of FSU’s Libraries with the knowledge that you have preserved a treasure for future generations. If you wish to honor an important person in your life, Adopt-a-Book provides that opportunity, as well.

Your name or that of your beneficiary will appear in the Libraries’ catalog and on an acid-free bookmark placed inside the book. You will also receive a written acknowledgement of the gift, inclusion in invitation-only events, and an archival-quality print from your book, suitable for framing. Please consider adopting a book to fund much-needed conservation treatment.

Contact us for more information.

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