FSU Special Collections Contributes Digital Collections to Online Portal on the Civil War

Text provided by Sammie Morris
Photographs by FSU Libraries Digital Library Center Staff

To increase access to our rare and unique collections, Special Collections collaborates with the Digital Library Center, Technical Services staff, and other libraries and archives to digitize our holdings and make them available online for research use. Recently, FSU Libraries joined several other members of the Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL) in contributing historical documents, photographs, and publications relating to the U.S. Civil War to a new online portal, Civil War in the American South. This portal, available online at www.american-south.org, commemorates the sesquicentennial of the Civil War by providing access to primary source materials about the “War Between the States.”

Digitized materials come from numerous ASERL libraries and date from 1850 to 1865. Many of these materials have never been viewed before, outside of physical visits to library and archives reading rooms. The site includes over 3,600 digitized items and expects to hold over 5,000 items in the near future.

Materials contributed by FSU Special Collections include Civil War money issued by the U.S. Confederacy, a Civil War era diary by Captain Hugh Black, letters written by Captain Hugh Black to his wife Mary, and letters by Joseph Finegan, Samuel W. Wolcott, and Buckingham Smith concerning the war. All items are part of the holdings of FSU’s Special Collections. Take a look at our collections on the ASERL site and let us know what you think: http://american-south.org/institutions/fda/items/.

To see more digital collections from the FSU Special Collections, visit our collections online in DigiTool: http://digitool.fcla.edu/R/?LOCAL_BASE=GEN01-FSU01&pds_handle=GUEST.

To find more Civil War related collections, search our Archon finding aids database to find unpublished archival documents — http://fsuarchon.fcla.edu/  — or search the Libraries online catalog to find books and journals — http://www.lib.fsu.edu/.

Joseph Finnegan Letter
Transcript of original letter from Joseph Finegan, Captain Commanding the Fernandina Volunteers, to Charles H. Macbeth, December 18, 1860. This letter was sent two days prior to South Carolina’s declaration of independence from the Union, offering Florida’s assistance in obtaining possession of the forts in Charleston Harbor, making it a significant document indicating Florida’s intent to join South Carolina in what would become the Civil War (Florida became the third state to secede from the Union on January 10, 1861). To see the original letter go to http://purl.fcla.edu/fsu/lib/speccoll/fineganletter.

$5 Confederate Currency
$5 note of Confederate currency issued in Richmond, VA; Printed by B. Duncan; Serial number #2701-1, Second Series, September 2, 1861. Note the cancellation marks (cut out triangles) along the bottom of the note.

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